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Statistics show that Mobile DJs carry 75 to 80% of the responsibilities at the average wedding
reception. Many couples attribute 80 to 90% of the success of their reception to their DJ. Yet only
5% (or less) of the total budget is spent on entertainment in many cases. What matters most is low
on the list of expenditures. Think back to the last wedding that you attended. What do you
remember the most? The food? The flowers? The cake? Chances are you may not even recall any
of that. What you probably recalled most is the fun that you did or did not have. The DJ is the
person responsible for the fun. Therefore getting the right DJ is one of the most important things
you will do! This is not an area to skimp on.

Some DJs are nothing more than "human jukeboxes". Is this the type of DJ that you want to trust
the most important day of your life to? At Superstar DJ, we meet with you personally to plan every
event of your reception. After all, you only have one chance to do it right! We are experts at
helping to make your reception dreams come true. We are innovative with many fun and
interactive things to really make your guests want to get up and celebrate.  Many brides have said
that they felt that we were part of the family by the end of the reception because of our
friendliness and knack to get everyone involved.
To do this properly we often will supply two DJ's
when available ( for less than what most companies charge for one!).
Our brides tell us that 2 DJs
make a world of difference, as one can tend to the music and one can always be free to be the
master of ceremonies, tend to your needs, handle any problems on your behalf and motivate and
involve your guests. And the DJ's you get will be the ones that you meet with ( unlike some
companies that will send you whomever
they desire to be your DJ.)
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