Welcome to our website
It is an honor to have you visit us!
Whether you need a DJ for a wedding or some
other event, we would consider it a privilege
to assist you in making your event a huge
success! One that you and your guest will
remember forever!

What sets us apart?
In many cases, we provide 2 DJs at no extra charge.
The DJs that you meet with will be the ones that are
at your event.
We do not just sit and push the "Play Button". We plan
interactive events with you at your consultation
meetings. Your event will be what you want it to be.
Your guests will have a great time! A year from now,
your guests may not remember what they ate at your
reception, but they will remember what a great time
they had (or didn't have). That is why choosing the
right DJ can make or break your reception. Think of
the DJ as more then just someone who plays music.
Besides choosing the appropriate music, they will be
the master of ceremonies. Your DJ  will be
coordinating and running your reception!  You need
someone you can fully trust!
We actually bring 14000 songs (from 1939-present)
with us to your event (many DJs claim to have this
many or more songs , but they only bring 2000 songs
with them). You can only hope they are the right 2000
Attitude......We have heard of unfortunate stories of
receptions or events that were spoiled by the attitude
of the DJ. You won't find any attitude issues with us!
We are down to earth and friendly! We listen! We
care! We are professional! We do it your way! We
treat each engagement as if it were for one of our
own important family members. After all, you only
have one chance to get it right!
Free consultation. No obligation. No pressure. And we
mean NO pressure! We've been through pressure
sales presentations ourselves. You don't need it!
You've got enough pressure in planning your event.
And guess what? We don't need it to sell our services
either. When you offer a high quality service, it sells
itself! You will be able to see the "real us" without any
pressure. We think you'll like what you'll see!
We do not feel the need to be the center of attention
at your event. You are the most important ingredient
at your event and our focus will be on you.
We are very conscientious about the level of sound.
We try to keep it at a pleasant level. If it's ever too
soft or too loud, we take no offense to adjusting the
sound to your tastes. Our goal is to please you.
We are conscientious about the content of the lyrics of
the songs played. We wouldn't want to offend your
We can host a huge selection of interactive games for
your fun parties. No other DJ does it better!
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and New Jersey